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Ecosilver pearl pendant

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Nautilus Shell

Black Nautilus Shell Pendant

Black Nautilus Shell

Having survived relatively unchanged for 450 million years, nautiluses represent the only living members of the subclass Nautiloidea, and are often considered to be "living fossils".

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Pearlescent Nautilus Shell Pendant

Pearlescent Nautilus Shell

Unique nautilus shells finished with a magical pearlescent lustre resembling mother of pearl, these striking statement pieces add the wow factor to any outfit.

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Clear Nautilus Shell Pendant

Clear Nautilus Shell

The Nautilus shell's spiralled chambers are exposed revealing its mathematically perfect structure. This Nautilus pendant is combined with a clear resin to ensure a robust encapsulation of the delicate shell.

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Customer reviews

Great unique piece and great shop. fast shipping!

Tyler 3 January 2024

High quality product. Quick delivery.

Adrian on 25 Dec 2023

Super quick delivery! Such a nice item and beautifully packaged! Thank you

Lizzi on 16 Dec 2023

I’ve already got one, but I had to buy another for a friend because it’s so beautiful.

Susan on 14 Dec 2023

My nautilus pendant is absolutely stunning.

Thank you!

Melanie on 27 October 2023


large, well made, well packaged

and got to me quickly!

Christoph on 17 October 2023

Truly a lovely art-deco, architectural/aeronautic design in mother of pearl. The sheen is rich and the black lines complement the white mother of pearl perfectly. The pendant is weighty, solid sterling silver. Nice.

Susan on 21 August 2023

Beautiful sparkly earrings. Good size and quality perfect beautifully wrapped and super quick delivery. Fabulous thankyou.

Elaine on 9 July 2023

Beautiful item, small but perfectly formed. Delivery was super quick. Lovely seller, will be making more purchases in the future!

Claire on 28 June 2023